53rd Welsh

A World War II Living History Group

The Group

Group Leaders

Chair: J. Ware (Swiper)

Secretary: L. Cooper

Authenticity Officer: J. Evans

The 4th Bn RWF (The South Wales Fusiliers)

Lance-Corporal Ware (a.k.a "Swiper")

 Swiper at Victory Show 2009 with captured MP40


Rank:Lance-Corporal Ware

Age: 22

Volunteered: 1940 - 4 RWF, then sent over to assist creation of 38 Welsh Div and then to 4 RWF, 53 Div, in 1942.

Where you are likely to find him: Oogling Universal Carriers, using liberated French slop to convince the QM an extra Bren gun is a neccessity, dodging American MPs trying to find their vehicles...

Fusilier Evans 4586

Fusiler Kingsbridge (a.k.a. "Shivers")

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The 6th Bn RWF (The North Wales Fusiliers)

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The 1/5th Bn Welch Regiment

Private L Cooper

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