The Victory Show, September 2009 The Victory Show, September 2009 Reloading the Bren On the first day of the show, the 53rd Welsh put on a display showing how the three-man Bren Gun team would operate. Here, Fus. Wheeler reloads the Bren Gun (operated by Fus. Kingsbridge) while L/Cpl Ware instructs them. 74365973 Ready to Fire The 53rd Welsh's Bren Gun Team in a firing position. 74365969 "It's Not Very Deep" Shortly after the Bren Gun demonstration, Fus. Kingsbridge speaks to a Royal Artillery veteran. 74365977 Standing Guard L/Cpl Ware stands over Fus. Wheeler as he digs the trench 74365965 The Pity of War "Where are you pointing that camera?" 74365966 A Little Visitor As the 53rd Welsh was near the lake on the site in Cosby, we had frequent insect visitors. This dragonfly, settled on a small pack, was a welcome sight, the wasps that came later...less so. 74365967 Two Men in a Trench Fus. Kingsbridge and Fus. Wheeler, minus their helmets (tut tut!) enjoy the afternoon watching the flypasts. 74365968 Hacking The Earth The 53rd Welsh had to carve out their trench with their own hands. Here, Fus. Kingsbridge raises his original entrenching tool to strike at the hard Leicestershire clay. 74365970 Schmeisser Here, L/Cpl Ware poses with a captured German MP40 sub-machine gun (also known as a "Schmeisser") 74365974 Lots of Kit Fus. Kingsbridge poses for a photo while digging the trench, showing the group's various ephemera scattered around the half-dug trench. 74365976 Hurricane Flypast The Hawker Hurricane whizzes over the field. 74365971 Hurricane Overhead The Hurricane makes another pass. 74365972 Vulcan The Avro Vulcan comes over the field again on the first day of the show, shortly after its spectacular "bombing run". 74365978 One Heck of a Traffic Jam Leicestershire's residents are held up by a strange vehicle... 74365975