53rd Welsh

A World War II Living History Group


This is where we thanks those who have assisted us and offer reading lists in conjunction with the Links page.

Personal Thanks to:

Richard Williams (Major Hazard), Glamorgan Home Guard, for excellent photographs and a source of never ending banter!

Barry Ward (Old Guard), Glamorgan Home Guard, for helping us get started with excellent advice and always being approachable.

Peter Bement, for supplying letters relating to 4 RWF during the Battle of Evrecy

Ade Pitman, for putting us in contact with the NVA for for introducing us to many of them in Normandy 09

The community of WW2Talk.com for helping me rekindle my passion in the Second World War and for putting me in contact with many invaluable sources relating to 53rd Welsh Division.


 Below is a list of secondary sources which we have used for our impression and historical research, the list is not exhaustive but offers the starting point for additional research.

Decision in Normandy - Carlo D'Este

Jocks, Dragons and Sospans - Jonathan Ware (not yet published)

Marching to the Sound of Gunfire - Patrick Delaforce

Over The Battlefield: Operation Goodwood, Ian Daglish

Red Crown and Dragon: 53rd Welsh Division in North-West Europe, 1944 - 1945 - Patrick Delaforce

Red Dragon - John Graves and PK Kemp

Steel Inferno: I SS Panzer Corps in Normandy - Michael Reynolds

Sons of the Reich: II SS Panzer Corps, Michael Reynolds

Team Spirit: The Administration of 53rd Welsh Division, AD Bolland

The Companion to the British Army, 1939-45, George Forty

The Panzer Legions, A Guide to the German Army Tank Divisions of WWII and Their Commanders

The Pendulum of Battle: Operation Goodwood - July 1944, Christopher Dunphie

Universal Carriers, Volumes 1 + 2, Nigel Watson

Welsh Spearhead: A History of 53rd Reconnaissance Regiment, 1941-46

Welsh Bridges to the Elbe, 53rd Welsh Division Engineers, John H Roberts

Other Research

The National Archives - original War Diaries and maps

The South Wales Borderers Museum - ADB Bolland's Scrapbook

 IWM Collections Search - Online source of photographs held by the IWM

Photographs and Personal Testimony

53rd Recce photographs taken originally by Trooper Robert Louis Hughes, many thanks to Lewis Hughes (son) for permission.

53rd Recce photographs by Lance-Sergeant Albert Victor Fulcher and his rank on demob was L/Sgt, many thanks to David Carter (grandson) for permission.

4 RWF photographs and letters by Lieutenant (later Captain) JHP Bement. many thanks to Peter Bement (son) for permission.

 4 RWF photographs and story by Sergeant Frank 'Pip' Lewis Shipley, many thanks to Robert Shipley and Linda Monk.

1/5th Welch photographs and information about William Mazzei and Alfred Monoghan, many thanks to Darin Mazzei.

1/5th Welch photographs and information about Major Adrian David Turnball, many thanks to Debbie Warwick.

4th Welch photographs and information about Leonard Williams, Walter James Williams and William (Bill) Henry Williams, many thanks to Susan Pritchard.

71 Anti-Tank Regiment (RWF) photograph and information about Wilfred Jones, many thanks to Martin Harley.

212 Field Ambulance photographs and information about Corporal J Walbeck, many thanks to Jeff Walbeck.