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4th Battalion (Sospan), Welch Regiment

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The Second World War


Universal carriers and motorcycles of 4th Welch, on manoeuvres at Keady in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, 22 July 1941. [IWM]

4 Welch Universal Carrier, destroyed at Maizet [Maizet Museum]

4 Welch, advance along a railway embankment during the capture of Hertogenbosch 25 October 1944. [IWM]

A Bren gun team of 4th Welch Regiment, keep watch on the west bank of the Maas river, 30 November 1944. [IWM]


Below is a selection of photos of 4th Battalion (Sospan, Welch Regiment. The three Williams brothers are notable as they all survived the war and completed many regular trips to the town of s'Hertogenbosch to celebrate the liberation. Sergeant William (Bill) Henry Williams would ultimately receive the Military Medal for his action saving his platoon from being overrun in the Reichswald Forest on the 11th February 1945


Corporal Walter James Williams (Left), William (Bill) Henry Williams (Right) [Pritchard]

William (Bill) Henry Williams (left), Corporal Walter James Williams (centre), Leonard Williams (right), with their parents. Their father served with the South Wales Borderers in WW1 at the Somme and Passchendaele. [Pritchard]

Corporal William (Bill) Henry Williams (left), Lance-Corporal Leonard Williams (centre), Sergeant Walter James Williams (right) , 3 brothers who all served in 4th Welch. Note that when this photo was taken there are no 'Welch' shoulder tabs, and the famous Sospan Fach is absent from their BD. [Pritchard]