53rd Welsh

A World War II Living History Group

Bringing the history of the Welsh Division to life

Welcome to the website of the 53rd Welsh. We are a living history group, based mainly in Wales, dedicated to preserving the memory of the 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division in World War II.

We portray the ordinary British infantrymen, or Tommies, who made up this fine division, and in our portrayal we use period equipment and clothing. Check out the Events page to find out where you can see us in action. Feel free to browse the site to find out more about the group itself and the formation we portray.

News about the group's activites can be found in The 53rd Blog. For more information on 53rd Welsh Division click here, for more on 53rd Welsh LHG click here, and for more on equipment and uniforms click here.

Last Update: 09 August 2010

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